Journalwatch: Trends in Neurosciences, June, 2011

Only one article to recommend. It’s not groundbreaking at the theoretical level, but consistent with the main focus of this site, works its way up to describing the neural circuit for predicting danger. We definitely can use these nice details and synthesis to improve our working understanding of how reward prediction error runs the nervous system. 

Gavan P. McNally,Joshua P. Johansen, Hugh T. Blair. Placing prediction into the fear circuit (Review). Trends in Neurosciences. Volume 34, Issue 6, June 2011, Pages 283-292

Abstract: Pavlovian fear conditioning depends on synaptic plasticity at amygdala neurons. Here, we review recent electrophysiological, molecular and behavioral evidence suggesting the existence of a distributed neural circuitry regulating amygdala synaptic plasticity during fear learning. This circuitry, which involves projections from the midbrain periaqueductal grayregion, can be linked to prediction error and expectation modulation of fear learning, as described by associative and computational learning models. It controls whether, and how much, fear learning occurs by signaling aversive events when they are unexpected. Functional neuroimaging and clinical studies indicate that this prediction circuit is recruited inhumans during fear learning and contributes to exposure-based treatments for clinical anxiety. This aversive prediction error circuit might represent a conserved mechanism for regulating fear learning in mammals.


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