Golden Hippocampus Nominee: UK’s Daily Mail – Brain Scans “Confirm” Urban Life Unpleasant

Does someone want to take a crack at nominating this for a Golden Hippocampus award?


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  1. What has happened to this site? You just suddenly stopped. Please don’t let the trolls bring you down, they’d just rather you said nothing at all so they could protect the inconclusive fence their opinions are sitting upon. I hope you don’t give up on this!

    All those angry ghosts of selves that can’t handle being told they don’t exist. You know what it comes down to is Christianity, what a ridiculous religion. They’ll tell you the statement “I am dead” is untrue, when they know this is impossible. It is the worship of post death subjectivity. The idea that there is still something there of language in regards to a person after their death. It’s a scam, but it’s what gave us capitalism I think. This belief in the transcendence of the self over material conditions.

    The Buddhists have no trouble with any of these things, but of course their approach, whilst wise and accurate, maintains mental well being at the expense of poverty.

    So yes, it might shock us from the west and send us off into bouts of madness even, but have you seen the crap they’d like to sell us under the guise of sanity?

    I know I don’t have a self, and so does anyone else who sits alone in a quiet room and tries to find it. You can’t blame people for being pyschotically resistant to the fact, but it doesn’t matter, because obviously I am not the only one and this is happening to more and more people these days. (I learned this from this site, and am obviously very grateful).

    I used to think I really was the only one who felt like this, but know I know I might meet someone else who feels the same someday. That’s very special.

    So ignore the resistance to this conclusion, because the tide will eventually become too strong, and so we have already won, it’s just a matter of finding strategies to live with this strange new knowledge. It drove me to a despair I had thought beyond measure but slowly, slowly you begin to fight through it towards something else.

    And of course they will mock and attack you for denying there is a self, I think the self is basically what we came up with after God. The attempt to inhabit some aspect of him, an aspect that we can believe is immortal. Although we would never admit this is what we believe, it is the whole point, to maintain this illusion. People don’t like the idea of not being able to think thoughts that cancel out the fear of impending doom. They should realize the absurdity in fearing life’s only absolute.

    Are you aware of object oriented ontology and speculative realism? I think there are some clues there, particularly in OOO, which you can check out here:

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