Most psychiatrists of a certain age began their careers thinking marijuana use – even daily marijuana use – was no big deal. We bought the conspiracy theory (somewhat accurate, somewhat false) that marijuana was histrionically banned in the 1920s through sneaky back-room deal making by Hearst and DuPont in order to get rid of hemp, which was a threat to their business models (making paper and nylon respectively). The terrifying, effects of weed on the human mind – particularly the nonwhite human mind, but also the white female mind – was the scare tactic these corporations used to accomplish their financial objectives. And thus, tragically, in white America’s panic to avoid miscegenation and race wars, which turned out merely to deprive them of superior paper and nontoxic, organic clothing and rope – both superior by far to wood pulp paper and cotten clothes and nylon rope – we got rid of a perfectly safe drug.

Increasing the firing rate of prefrontal cortical neurons via agonism of serotonin receptors with LSD looks like this (All credit to reddit!) For further information: Effects of LSD on EEG (from 1960, when reserach was still legal) The Pharmacology of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: A Review Review in Nature Reviews Neuroscience Serotonergic Modulation of the Prefrontal Cortex: […]

In contrast the the modern belief that the universe is physical, Pythagoras (among other ancients) believed that the universe’s basic “stuff” was mathematical. After a century or so of incoherent materialism, are we finally coming back around to that idea? Quanta magazine has a nice writeup of a new theory (not yet empirically tested, but consistent […]